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this is a catch-all blog for anything that just happens to be on my mind.
things you can expect to see : fanart, original art, generic blog post, comics, and maybe even short stories. willing to do art requests =)


Apr 23

smith-le-assassin asked: Do you have a concept for Kim, or Nano? I am really curious, I over heard you saying 'dark concept' once. So I just wanna see how this turns out.

i havent settled on a visual design for Kim, but things aren’t bright for her. like in the series, she has been affected by flux, but here, Lalna was using his super brain to work out ways to utilize her new flux ‘modifications’ for things like magical weaponry or matter manipulation, something that was diametrically opposed to Kim’s wishes, that being she wanted to be free of flux. before lalna and kim could resolve their issues, they were completely curb-stomped in a surprise attack by Ridgedog, and kidnapped for a series of horrific tests which led to lalna’s, and kim’s unfortunately, indoctrination. Kim is used as a hit-and-run type of anti-superhero weapon, weakening heroes for LAL (Lethal Anti-Hero eLiminator) to show up and deliver killing blows. they do this duo assassination thing mostly to leave a message: Dont fuck with the Dog. on the bright side, Kim has shown stronger memories to her original self, stronger than LAL’s due to his cold focus on science rather than more wholesome things like love and friendship yadda yadda. it might also be because 90 percent of his internal organs including his heart and brain were replaced by robotics, but Kim remains completely organic, other than some localized flux mutations in her arms and eyes.

Apr 22

fallingstartsnow asked: Hey I know you said earlier that you aren't planning on writing any stories using your brilliant version of superyogs, mostly cause you are more into artistic side of things, but I really enjoy the dark take you have on them. Like a lot, and was wondering if you would be willing to have people write fanfictions using your ideas, so long as you are credited of course

for the love of all that is holy, please please please write fanfiction using my version of the Superyogs AU. all i’ve ever wanted in life is for someone to make fanworks of something i did. you dont even have to credit me.

hey cool, i got my 200th follower today =] thank you everyone who likes me, and thank you too, several hard gay porn blogs that followed me for whatever reason

i was having a perfectly strange and wacky dream thats impossible to describe when it was literally invaded by a t rex in the most horrifying way. in the end, i wound up escaping it by climbing a tower a top hats and having a crowd of people help keep it upright as it dramatically began to topple from my weight, whereupon i found myself on the roof of a parking garage and facing a visage of Darth Vader from the depths of my psyche who Force-d off a huge chunk of the building and tried to smash me with it, and every time i dodged the chunk would break, and he would keep attaching the chunks to the bigger chunk like an orbiting comet until he made a tornado of deadly debris, which then picked me up and stripped me naked and put me in a symbolic fetal position until almost all the flesh was rent from my body, and then he stopped, put me in another symbolic crucifix pose and i was suddenly dressed like him, and then he made a finger gun with his hand and ‘shot’ me through the void, and then i realized i literally just had to “face my demons” in a dream, and my demons were a t-rex and Darth Vader.

on the subject of Superyogs, im not the only person on tumblr who does it, and i didnt start it either (thought i didn’t know that when i posted my first ideas). if there is anyone out there following me because of something superyog related, do a search on tumblr for “superyogs” and see if anything else in there strikes your fancy, there are several different things WAAAAY different than mine.i think its fair to say, however, that probably my idea is the darkest one out there (IE Ridgedog creates horrific experiments in the pursuit of power like a gene spliced human-enderman {Rythian} or an indoctrinated cyborg {Lalna} ; X has killed several people, including at least Panda and Ravs and replaced his own eye with one plucked from the freshly murdered corpse of Israphel; Honeydew accidentally split open Xephos’ skull in a freak co-op accident while fighting a small-time villain, causing his insanity and obsession with corrupting Honeydew; Nilesy has an extremely potent superpower but has no hero training, and can possibly crush a human being into a ball of flesh by complete accident).

if that kind of mature approach to generally family friendly (other than their language) subject matter is cool to you, than awesome! if not, poopies!

smith-le-assassin asked: Are you considering, like, writing fanfictions and/or storyboards for Superyogs?

im not a fanfiction writer, and for some reason, something in my brain tells me i shouldn’t start being one either. that being said, i am in the pre-production period of making an Ask Superyogs blog and im sure i’ll wind up posting non-ask-related short comics on it as well! =) somehow to me, fan comics are different than fan fiction. but i’m an artist at heart so maybe that’s why. i have seen a surprising amount of comments like “this AU is amazing” and “are you going to make a superyogs comic?”, so thats pretty inspiring for me. hopefully the ask blog gets some traffic, i’d like to see it be like, a real thing in the yogscast tumblr community, that other fans show eachother. “ive been following this cool AU where the yogscast lives in a classic superhero universe, you should see it”, id love to see stuff like that.

when you think the hug is over but when you start to pull away they don’t let you


gyakuten saiban court suite #3, IE All of the courtroom themes in Trials and Tribulations. when i think of things i won’t forget, the ending to Tribulations comes to mind.

Apr 19

i think my art has improved since the first page of my “art” tag… but that roxy drawing is still badass and i think it deserve more notes. somebody reblog it.

Apr 16



superyogs Zoeya (codename Miniata)… -snippity snipped-

reminds me of gaige from borderlands…

wow i COMPLETELY forgot about Gaige, totally was not trying to channel her when i drew this, but thats an unfortunate similarity. just when i try to think of zoey in this weird superyogs universe, i see ‘snarky wacky girl who dgaf’, and i guess the mechanical arm is a pretty big coincidence too. i think its on the same side as well. no idea if thats zoey-canon though. oh well, oopsie. at least zoey doesn’t reload at the wrong time

Apr 15

elzariel said: Its literally a queue :D You can set the queue to post a post for example 5 times a day between five and ten pm. That means one post per hour. :3 its useful if you find a lot to reblog and don’t want to swamp followers’ dash.

yeah ive used queue before (mainly for the Popcornening) but that doesnt explain to me why people actually tag it queue… i didn’t tag my stuff queue, but maybe i was breaking a rule though. sorry tumblr

what does tagging something as “queue” mean?? my assumption was it means youre going on a reblog rampage and you dont have time to tag everything properly and youre gonna come back to it later, but im probably wrong

i made a small small change to my tumblr layout for now, because in hindsight, i think having a giant 8-bit self portrait to be the first thing a new prospective follower sees leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth, a taste that tastes like “someone’s full of himselfffffff”

superyogs Zoeya (codename Miniata). its actually way harder to color a pencil sketch than i envisioned. being a techie mainly, she doesn&#8217;t often see herself in harms way, but when she does, she generally does not have a problem dismissing her threat. You should open the picture in a new tab for the full view.
usual link to more superyogs information:

superyogs Zoeya (codename Miniata). its actually way harder to color a pencil sketch than i envisioned. being a techie mainly, she doesn’t often see herself in harms way, but when she does, she generally does not have a problem dismissing her threat. You should open the picture in a new tab for the full view.

usual link to more superyogs information:

Apr 11

did some designs for miniata (zoey) and the Nile before bed, and thought of something to update the character stuff with, so thats fun. i’ll probably have to start doing the homework for a superyogs ask blog, since it’ll probably turn out mildly successful and fun and motivating— stuff like setting up the new tumblr, designing the page and getting an FAQ or character overview sub page set up. ill probably post the doodles too later, idk if i’ll spruce them up or anything, maybe a quick splash of color

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